professional roof cleaning in Venice FLA roof that is covered in dirt and grime detracts from the appearance of your home. But these compounds are more than an unsightly nuisance, it attracts fungi like mold and algae that feed on the organic roof material. This can increase the likelihood of roof leaks and lead to a premature roof replacement. Red Hot Services is the best choice for safe roof cleaning in Venice, FL. Unlike other contractors that use high pressure cleaning that can damage the roof or harsh chemicals that can damage plants, we use low pressure soft washing along with an environmentally safe cleaning formula. Our trained and certified technicians gently spray the surface of your roof with our cleaning solution. This non-abrasive formula kills mold on contact and quickly dissolves dirt and grime leaving your roof completely clean without damaging the roofing material.  Roof cleaning can bring back the original color of your shingles or tiles so your orange, grey or white roof will no longer look discolored. And our affordable maintenance plans make it easy to ensure your roof will always look its best.

Don’t risk voiding your home’s warranty!

High pressure is not safe for all roof types and may void the roof warranty. The high pressure sprays that jet at 3,500 psi is like a tidal assault on the roof. It’s strong enough to damage shingles and tiles, especially if they are already weak due to age or environmental conditions. High pressure cleaning can cause roof leaks and an early roof replacement. Also, high pressure washing requires the contractor to walk on the roof surface which can damage clay, slate and other types of tiles and shingles. Safe washing is the recommended roof cleaning treatment in Venice that is safe for all roof types.

Soft-washing is safer than pressure washing.

Soft washing uses a low-pressure spray that is even gentler than a garden hose that sprays a soft mist of our water-based biodegradable cleaning solution across the roof’s surface. The gentle spray is easy on the surface and will not damage the roofing material.

Since our cleaning suds do most of the work, the technician doesn’t have to walk across the entire roof surface. This significantly minimizes the risk of accidental damage to the tiles or shingles. Its also safer for our technician too.

Soft washing will not void your roof warranty and your roof will stay cleaner and brighter longer.

High pressure cleaning simply washes away the mold, but it doesn’t kill it. Our soft washing solution kills the mold spores deep within the root reducing the chance for re-growth.

Plant Safe Roof Cleaning

Our soft washing solution is tough on dirt, grime and mold, but is easy on the environment. It is also safe for use around plants and shrubs. However, our certified technicians will take extra care to protect your plants and vegetation throughout the entire roof cleaning process. They will water the plants, cover them with a tarp and re-water again when the process is finished.

What Kind of Roofs We Clean?

Red Hot Services soft washing is for use on steel, tile, slate, concrete and other types of material. Our technicians are certified to clean all roof types without damaging the material. They will utilize the best method for cleaning your specific roof.

We protect your plants when cleaning you roof in venice flThe Red Hot Difference

We’re so confident that your roof will stay clean that we include a complete 3-year warranty with every service. If at any time during the warranty period your roof experiences more than 50% of growth accumulation, we will re-clean the roof at no cost to you. It’s our “No Black Roof” guarantee.

All Red Hot Services roof cleaning technicians are trained and certified on the application of our soft washing system. They will arrive on time and adhere to our strict work and safety practices.

Our eco-friendly cleaning detergents is approved for residential use and is safe around plants and pets.

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