roof cleaning pressure washing in Sarasota FLMaintaining a clean roof will preserve the value of your home and increase its curb appeal. But it also helps prolong the life of your roof investment. Red Hot Services is a licensed and insured professional roof cleaning contractor for homeowners in Sarasota, FL. Our low-pressure soft washing system is a safer and more effective alternative to high pressure cleaning. Soft washing is better for your roof because it doesn’t damage the roofing materials. Also, the cleaning solution we use dissolves dirt, fungus, bacteria and other grime yet is safe for use around pets, plants and vegetation.  And unlike high pressure that simply washes the mold away. Our solution instantly kills mold on contact and reduces the risk of mold spores resurfacing on the roof. Mold and bacteria are some of the biggest threats to your roof. They feed on the organic materials in your roof leading to an early roof replacement. Red Hot Services is the safer way to a cleaner roof with long-lasting results.

Don’t risk voiding your home’s warranty!

Many Sarasota, FL homeowners may be risking their roof warranty. Since high pressure washing can damage many types of roofs and cause leaks, many roofing warranties prohibit its practice. The high pressure can damage the waterproof protection, cause cracks in the tiles/shingles and soak through the underlayment. This can expose the roof to leaks and encourage the development of mold. Also, walking across the roof to deliver the high-pressure treatment can result in accidental damage to some of the roofing materials. We use soft washing to protect your roof investment.

Soft-washing is safer than pressure washing.

Our soft washing has proven to be safer and more effective than pressure washing. Our eco-friendly cleaning detergents are water based and sprayed using a low-pressure diaphragm at 80 psi. It is actually a softer stream of water than a typical garden hose and will not damage your shingles or tiles.

Our technicians spray the treatment across the entire roof surface which minimizes the need to walk across the roof. Thus, significantly decreasing the chance of accidentally breaking or dislodging roofing materials.

sarasota fl moldy roof cleaning

Plant Safe Roof Cleaning

Red Hot Services provides plant safe roof cleaning. Our cleaning detergents have been tested and approved for residential use. They are applied by specially trained and certified roof cleaning technicians. It will not harm pets or plants.

In addition, trained technicians will water the plants to ensure they are well hydrated and cover them with a protective tarp prior to treatment. After the treatment has been applied, the technician will rinse the roof. The technician will remove the tarp and water the plants again to replace any water loss during the process.

What Kind of Roofs We Clean?

Red Hot Services cleans all types of roofs in Sarasota, FL. Our technicians are trained to safely clean all types of roofing materials including clay, steel, aluminum, concrete and even asphalt, to name a few. The technician will apply the most effective method without damaging the roof.

soft wash roof cleaning in Sarasota FLThe Red Hot Difference

We are so confident that our low-pressure soft washing is the best way to a cleaner roof that we offer a complete 3-year “No Black Roof” warranty. Our treatment application is designed to protect your roof from re-accumulation, but if your roof has more than 50% of re-growth during the warranty period, we will clean the roof again without any additional cost. It is our commitment to you.

Receive an On-Site Estimate

Protect you roof investment with a cleaner roof that lasts up to 3-years. Call to schedule an on-site roof cleaning estimate for your Sarasota, FL, home today! Our affordable maintenance plans will keep your roof always looking great.