Professional Brick Paver Sealing in Sarasota

brick paver sealing in Sarasota FL

There is a LOT to know about doing the job right! As with any service, homeowners need to do their homework before hiring a contractor to do Brick Paver Sealing. There are many variables that go into each job, and to choose the lowest price may end up costing more in the end. Our Brick Paver Sealing professionals can service you in Sarasota FL!

The Red Hot Services Difference!

  • Licensed and insured
  • 3-year satisfaction warranty
  • Friendly and professional trained technicians
  • Free on-site estimates for Brick Paver Sealing
  • Plant-safe detergents used throughout pressure washing process
  • Fair pricing to fit your budget with Bundled Offers
  • Quick turn around to get your project done
  • Local Contractors who are part of the community
  • High quality commercial sealers
  • Professional contractor grade equipment

Top 5 Reasons to Seal Your Brick Pavers In Sarasota

  1. Natural and Wet Look – Depending on which sealer you choose our technicians can make them look new again with a natural or wet look finish.
  2. Slow Weed & Mold Growth – Sealing your pavers makes them water resistant, thus reducing mold and weed growth. Sealing reduces the amount you need to pressure wash and treat for weeds.
  3. Color enhancement and Protection –  Sealing your pavers enhances the color, prevents sun fading, and protects against contaminant spills such as oil.
  4. Prevents sinking pavers  –  Sand joint stabilization will prevent weed growth and sinking or shifting of your pavers.
  5. Saves you money – If your pavers are not properly sealed, overtime they will fade, sink and deteriorate. Maintaining your pavers is more cost effective than costly repairs down the road from neglect.

All Brick Pavers are Different

Some are more porous than others, some have never been sealed and have faded out in the strong Florida sun. Each type of paver will react a bit differently with the brick paver sealer that is applied to the surface. Some will not come back to an attractive look without applying multiple coats. We have the ability to seal multiple products such as brick paver sealers, travertine and concrete.

Sarasota FL brick paving wet look

Deep Pressure Cleaning Brick Pavers First

The first step to making your Sarasota home look great will be to use our high pressure, high heat system to clean the brick pavers completely by removing mold, weeds and old sand. We will then prepare the surface to be sealed.

Our pressure washing equipment provides 8 gallons a minute of 225 degree water that will remove most any mold, mildew or dirt.

Spending the extra time doing the job right means that our clients will be satisfied with the end result and the result in the future too. In fact your brick paver sealing will be guaranteed for 3 years after we do the job!

Choose the Best Sealant

The most expensive part of a brick paver sealing job is actually the cost of the sealant! This is why many less reputable fly-by-night contractors water down the solutions as weak as 4 parts water / 1 part sealer. We only use the product according to specifications mixing at 1 part water with an equal amount of sealant for a 1 to 1 mix. As you can imagine, the diluted, weaker mixture will not give the same result by a long-shot – but it will save money from the contractors pocket and allow them to offer an unreasonably low per square ft. price. Unfortunately, even if the bricks look good when the job is done – the brick sealer will wear off quickly and loose their luster.

We only use water based brick paver sealant, not the cheaper oil based or acrylic products typically available at big box stores for DIY use. This means that our coating will last twice as long as other products being used by some contractors. You should only accept a top quality water based product when you decide to seal your brick pavers around your pool deck, lanai, walkway or driveway.

silica sand for brick paver sealing in Sarasota FL

We Only Use Silica Sand

Another differentiator between a quality job and a shoddy one is the type of sand used to fill between the brick pavers. Using polymeric sand will react badly with rain and moisture forming a cement like buildup between your brick joints. The preferred product to use is what is called Silica sand. Silica sand is spread evenly between your sand joints. Once the sand is spread we use a highly concentrated weed killer to kill the nutrients in the sand. Finally the sealer is applied to make the sand rock solid and prevent future weed problems.

To keep your Brick pavers looking good, they should be sealed at least every 3 years.

Brick paver sealing can enhance and protect the natural color of your brick pavers, avoid fading from the sun and prevent weed and algae growth. You will love the sheen that produces a “wet look” when done properly. Red Hot Services technicians are trained and certified to use Seal N Lock products, the best

Going the extra mile may cost a bit more, but happy customers are what has built Red Hot Services into the premier home services and brick paver cleaning experts in Sarasota County and beyond from Venice FL, Siesta Key, Longboat Key to Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch.