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Red Hot Services was originally founded to bring professionalism to the pressure washing industry in Sarasota. Our main focus was to increase  customer experience, provide more value, and educate our customers on the difference between high pressure power washing and soft washing. Red Hot Services was launched because we felt that they’re was a lack of professionalism within the pressure washing industry and we wanted to create a company our community could rely on. How did we do it?

Power Washing Verses Soft Washing

Power Washing is using high pressure to remove grime and mold from various surfaces. Soft washing on the other hand uses low pressure and custom detergents to remove grime and mold without the use of high pressure. High pressure can damage roof surfaces, aluminum, paint, or wood surfaces. Soft washing prevents that and allows for us to power wash your roof in an effective manner without the use of force.

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Professional Services

Red Hot Services strives to provide our customers with professionalism every step of the way. We achieve this by following these core steps when approaching any pressure washing job. You are in good hands with Red Hot Services
  1. Professional Image –  When our technicians approach your door they will introduce themselves, be wearing a professional uniform and driving a truck that is wrapped with our logo. It is important for our customers to know we value them and want them to know they are dealing with licensed, insured and trained power washing professionals.
  2. Walk through – When hiring a pressure washer it’s always nice to know how the job is going along the way. Our staff will guide you through the entire process explaining to you how we are going to get the job done, how long its going to take, and allowing you to do a final walk around before we complete the job. This allows you for complete 100% satisfaction

We Treat Our Clients Well

“My pavers have life again! These guys went way above my expectations. I am shocked at the transformation.”
Dean Hetchler, Bradenton
“Red Hot Services has excellent customer service and very competitive prices. They took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. Very professional!”
Mariah Hofkes, Lakewood Ranch
“This company is by far one of the best and most professional companies I have ever dealt with since I have lived in Florida. Reasonable rates, excellent service, and professional equipment. What more could you ask for? Thanks again guys for your hard work!”
John Hunter, Sarasota

Our Unique Offerings

Maintenence Program

Don’t just clean your roof every three years. For the same price, you can keep it looking great all the time! After cleaning your roof, we can provide yearly maintenance packages for an always-clean, mold-free roof.

3-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Our roof cleaning services LAST! We don’t just remove algae, mold and other growth; our soft-washing technology eradicates growth, and prevents future discoloration. All of our roof cleaning packages come with a 3-year, “no-black-roof” guarantee. Call for complete details.

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