pressure washing in lakewood ranch flRed Hot Services provides quality high pressure and soft washing services for homeowners in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Our services include roof and gutter cleaning, exterior house washing, cleaning pool enclosures and driveway and sidewalk cleaning. Our highly trained technicians deliver exceptional quality and value with the industry’s best 3-year satisfaction guarantee.

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Expert Roof and Gutter Cleaning

The accumulation of dirt, grime, and mold can make your roof look downright ugly. And the longer it sits, it gets baked into the roofing material which could accelerate its normal wear and tear. High-pressure washing is not the best way to clean a roof. It can damage shingles and tiles and soak the underlayment causing the roof to leak. Our trained technicians use a soft washing process along with biodegradable cleaning agents to safely clean your roof and gutters without damaging the materials. In fact, our unique process limits our need to walk on the entire roof. And unlike other cleaners that simply wash away mold only to regrow later, our expert roof cleaning kills and dissolves mold at the source. Our soft washing is safe for all roofing types including asphalt shingles, clay barrel tile, metal, and concrete. The end result will be a clean roof that looks like new again.

pool cage cleaning in lakewood ranch flPool Enclosure Cleaning

Your screened pool enclosure may help keep debris out of the pool, but dust, dirt, and bacteria that accumulate on the screen and aluminum structure can get forced into the pool when it rains. This not only affects your pool quality, but it also covers your patio with dirt and grime. Our soft pressure cleaning is the best way to help keep your patio and pool sparkling clean and reduce maintenance.

Exterior Cleaning

Often the exterior of your home looks like it could use a new paint job when all it really needs is a good cleaning. Our exterior pressure cleaning uses a specialized formula of environmentally friendly cleaning detergents to thoroughly wash the exterior of your home. It powers through tough baked on dirt, grime, mold, algae and other types of muck stuck to your home’s exterior walls without chipping paint or damaging siding or windows. We can safely clean all types of materials including aluminum siding, stucco, concrete, brick and more. Plus, our eco-friendly low-pressure cleaning service is safe for use around pets and plants.

lakewood ranch professional driveway cleaningDriveway and Sidewalk Cleaning

Let Red Hot Services remove the dirt, algae and other grime that is lodged deep within the surface of your driveway and sidewalk. Our trained technicians use a high-pressure system that pumps 8 gallons of hot water per minute at 3500 psi with our custom blend of eco-friendly detergents to remove those ugly stains from your brick paver and concrete surfaces.  It’s a better way to clean with long-lasting results.

High Pressure Vs Soft Washing

When hiring a professional pressure washing company like Red Hot Services to clean the exterior of your home, be sure you know what type of service they provide. Using high pressure to clean your roof and home exterior is not recommended. This is because the high pressure can damage roofs, chip paint and crack windows. And using high pressure to clean certain roof types like asphalt shingles will actually void the warranty.

Red Hot Services uses a soft washing process at 200 psi to disinfect and safely clean the roof, gutters and exterior walls of your home. We use high pressure at 3500 psi to clean brick pavers and concrete flooring surfaces like driveways, patios, and sidewalks.

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