brick paver sealing in sarasota flYou have invested time and money installing brick pavers to improve the appearance of your home. But your paver surface gets a lot of use, especially with frequent traffic from your cars, bikes, kids and pets and maybe even some outdoor entertaining. So, it takes some effort to maintain your driveway, patio and walkways in a pristine condition. And let’s face it Mother Nature is going to have her way. That means moisture, dirt, grime and even mold and algae will eventually creep their way into the paver surface. Even if the pavers were sealed, the sealant doesn’t last forever. So, here is how to care for your brick pavers:

Eliminate Weeds

Depending on the season, you may spot weeds sprouting between the brick pavers installed in your driveway and walkways leading to your home, from time to time. To get rid of the weeds in the pavers, carefully pull out as much of the weed as possible. Apply an organic weed killer to prevent re-growth.

Sweep the Bricks

Use a broom to sweep any surface particles and debris from the paver surface. Sweeping the bricks regularly helps prevent organic stains from creating unsightly blemishes. It also helps prevent abrasions that can damage the pavers.

Tip: An outdoor power vacuum is a great tool for cleaning your brick pavers too!

Wash the Pavers

Next, fill a bucket with warm water and a mild liquid dish soap like Dawn. Then carefully pour the bucket over the paver surface. Use a sponge to vigorously spot clean any stains. Rinse the driveway with a garden hose and a low-pressure nozzle attachment. Let the surface dry before use.

sarasota fl mold on brick paversSealing Brick Pavers

Finally, apply a brick paver sealer to protect the surface from UV exposure, moisture and bacteria and fungi that can cause fading and other damages. Re-seal the pavers every three years or as directed. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and only use as directed.

Brick Paver Maintenance

Periodic cleaning and resealing are part of brick paver maintenance. If you’re not up to the task of doing it yourself or just want to make sure it’s done right without damaging your beautiful pavers, call Red Hot Services. We provide professional brick paver power washing and sealing services. Our trained and experienced technicians have the skills and professional equipment to thoroughly clean, seal and protect your driveway, patio, sidewalks and other surfaces. A 3-year service warranty is also included. Call for your free on-site estimate today.