Ellenton FL roof cleaningMaintaining your roof is one of the most important things homeowners can do to protect their investment. Periods of wind and rain bring algae, moss, and grime that gets trapped deep within the roofing material. And our humid conditions are a playground for mold and other fungi that feed on organic material destroying your roof. Red Hot Services provides professional roof cleaning in Ellenton, FL, that eliminates these unsightly compounds on your roof. Our no-pressure soft washing system combines our custom blend of biodegradable cleaning detergents and warm water that dissolves tough baked-in dirt, grim, mold and algae. This mold-killing formula kills the mold at the root which significantly reduces the probability of a re-occurrence. When our roof cleaning is complete the true color of your roof is revealed. Many of our customers can’t believe how clean their roof is – it looks like a new roof!  Our affordable maintenance plans will help keep your roof clean longer.

Don’t risk voiding your home’s warranty!

Many homeowners don’t realize that high pressure roof cleaning can void some roof warranties. The high-pressure spray is strong enough to damage tiles and shingles, especially if they are already compromised due to weather and age. This can also allow moisture to soak through the underlayment resulting in a roof leak. That’s why Ellenton homeowners should choose a soft washing roof cleaning company like Red Hot Services.

Soft-washing is safer than pressure washing.

Our no/low pressure soft washing system is safe for all roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, clay tiles, metal, aluminum and concrete. Your roof will stay cleaner and mold-free longer, and you will not have to worry about invalidating your warranty. Also, we don’t need to walk across the entire roof minimizing any risk of broken tiles or shingles.

All of our roof cleaning technicians are certified in our soft washing process. Just how soft is soft washing? It is softer than a garden hose. We also use specialized equipment that reduces the need to walk along your entire roof.

Red Hot Services technicians are trained and certified for soft washing. We use an 80psi diaphragm pump to spray a thin layer of cleaning agents across the entire roof surface. Within minutes, dirt, mold, algae and grime disappear to uncover a completely clean roof.

Our roof cleaning service is guaranteed for three years. And our convenient maintenance program will help keep your roof looking its best between cleanings.
ellenton fl roof pressure washing

Plant Safe Roof Cleaning

Although our eco-friendly cleaning agents are safe for plants, we take extra precautions to protect your landscape. In preparation to clean your roof, the technician will water your plants and shrubs to make sure they are well hydrated. A protective tarp will prevent plants from coming into contact with our cleaning detergents during the process. When the tarp is removed, the technician will water the plants again.

What Kind of Roofs We Clean?

Red Hot Services certified technicians are trained to clean any roof type without causing damage to the surface. Some of the roofs we clean are asphalt, clay, slate, tile, steel and concrete, for example. We also clean flat and sloped roofs too.

soft wash roof cleaning in Ellenton FL

The Red Hot Difference

Red Hot Services is so confident that you will love your clean roof, we include a 3-year guarantee with every application. Its our “No Black Roof” guarantee. Our cleaning agents will help prevent any re-growth. But if more than 50% of growth comes back, we will clean your roof again without any additional cost.

All of our technicians are certified for our soft washing process. They utilize specialized equipment that minimizes the need to walk along your entire roof.

Red Hot Services friendly and courteous technicians will arrive on time and will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our service. They will take extra care to protect your plants and shrubbery.

We include a 3-year “No Black Roof” guarantee with every roof cleaning service. If your roof accumulates more than 50% of growth during the warranty period, we will re-clean the roof at no cost to you.

Receive an On-Site Estimate

Don’t let mold, dirt and grime destroy your roof. Call to schedule a free roof cleaning estimate for your Ellenton, FL, home today!  Say hello to a beautifully clean roof.