plant cover and power washing on roof in Bradenton flRed Hot Services provides safe and effective roof cleaning for homeowners in Bradenton, FL. Our low-pressure system also known as soft washing uses biodegradable cleaning agents that dissolve mold, mildew, algae and other dirt particles trapped in the roofing materials. Soft washing is recommended for roof cleaning because it doesn’t damage the tiles or shingles that commonly occurs under high pressure. And since our cleaning detergents do most of the heavy lifting, our technicians don’t have to walk on the entire roof! Plus, unlike high pressure cleaning that simply washes mold from the surface, our detergents kill the mold at the source minimizing the chance of regrowth. Red Hot Services is simply the most effective solution for a beautifully clean roof. Ask about our affordable maintenance plans that will keep your roof looking stunning year after year.

Don’t risk voiding your home’s warranty!

Did you know that high pressure washing can void certain roof warranties? That’s because high pressure washing can damage asphalt, shingles and tile roofs. In addition, the high pressure can also weaken the waterproof protection and damage the underlayment exposing your roof to leaks and mold.  And the additional roof walking that this process requires can also lead to cracked and broken tiles. So, protect your roof investment and hire a roof cleaning company in Bradenton that uses soft washing.

Soft-washing is safer than pressure washing.

Soft washing is a low-pressure process that has been proven to be a safe and effective roof cleaning method. It will protect your roof’s warranty and your roof will look brighter and stay cleaner longer.

Our trained technicians use a low-pressure pump at 80 psi to spray a thin, even layer of our customized cleaning detergents. The detergent instantly dissolves the dirt, mold and other grime deep within the roof revealing the real luster of your roof. The cleaning agents will continue to protect your roof and help prevent dirt and mold accumulation for up to 3 years.

While we guarantee our services for a full three years, our affordable maintenance program is the best way to protect your roof investment all year long.

Plant Safe Roof Cleaning

We care about your plants and shrubs and the environment. Our trained technicians will take the necessary steps to protect your plants throughout the entire roof cleaning process. This includes making sure your plants have been properly watered. And covering them up with a tarp to avoid contact with our cleaning detergents. We will water the plants again after the process is complete to make sure they are well hydrated.

What Kind of Roofs We Clean?

Our low-pressure cleaning is safe for all roof types, including asphalt shingles, clay tile, metal, aluminum and others. Our roof cleaning technicians are trained to clean all types of roofs. They will recommend the best method for ensuring a clean roof without damaging the surface.

professional roof cleaning in bradenton flThe Red Hot Difference

Red Hot Services guarantees your satisfaction with a full 3-year warranty. Our cleaning process inhibits the re-growth of dirt and mold. But if more than 50% of your roof experiences growth within the warranty period, we will come back and clean the roof again – at no additional cost. It’s the best “No Black Roof” guarantee in the business.

In addition, Red Hot Services technicians are trained and certified for soft washing and adhere to strict work and safety guidelines. Our specialized treatment minimizes the need to walk the entire roof.

And our customized cleaning detergents are eco-friendly and will not harm your plants or pets. It has been tested and approved for residential use.

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