pool cage cleaning in bradenton flRed Hot Services is the eco-friendly pressure washing solution in Bradenton, FL. Our complete exterior cleaning includes the driveway, walls and siding, roof and gutters, screened pools and patios and sidewalks. Our eco-friendly process is safe for all roof types and will not damage paint or windows. A 3-year warranty guarantees your satisfaction.

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Difference Between High Pressure and Soft Washing

High-pressure cleaning is a process that pushes 8 gallons of water through a nozzle at 3500 psi. The high pressure is extremely powerful and is highly effective at removing dirt and stains from surfaces. But this high pressure can damage delicate materials like roof tiles, soffits, and facia. High-pressure cleaning may even void your roof warranty. It can also cause windows and paint to chip and crack. Therefore, high pressure is best on concrete flooring surfaces like driveways and walkways, but should not be used to clean roofs, siding or the home exterior.
On the other hand, soft washing is pressurized at a much lower 200 psi and is used in conjunction with cleaning agents and hot water to disinfect and dissolve dirt, bacteria, and fungus from delicate surfaces like roofs, siding, and screen or cage enclosures. Red Hot Services technicians are trained professionals for pressure cleaning/soft washing that has been proven safe and effective for most surfaces.

Home Exterior Cleaning

Does the exterior of your home look faded or dull? As dirt and grime accumulate around the walls and siding it can give your home a dull appearance. Our trained technicians use our custom eco-friendly cleaning solution under a low pressure of 200 psi to clean the exterior of your home without damaging the paint or windows. As the layer upon layer of dirt, grime, algae, and mold are removed from the surface, your home will look brighter than ever. Our soft washing process is safe for all exteriors including stucco, concrete, and aluminum siding, for example.

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Mold-Killing Roof and Gutter Cleaning

You may not realize it, but your roof acts like a natural dust collector accumulating dirt and grime that is common in sub-tropical climates like ours. It is also the perfect conditions for bacteria and fungus, like algae and mold. Plus, leaves and other debris collect in the gutters causing drainage problems. Since high pressure can damage roofs, we use a safe alternative called soft washing. This combination of l

ow-pressure soft washing and our blend of biodegradable cleaning agents is the safest way to clean your roof. It is safe for all roof types including shingles, tiles, asphalt, clay, cement, metal and more. What’s more, is our trained technicians can completely clean your entire roof with minimal walking. Plus, our cleaning agents kills and dissolves mold that may be growing inside the roofing materials. This significantly reduces the possibility of mold reoccurring after your roof is cleaned. Improve the appearance of your home with a clean roof and gutters.

Screened Pool & Patio Cleaning

Everybody enjoys an outdoor pool, but the screened enclosure and patio can get nasty as dirt, algae, and mold develop on the screens and around the entire structure. And as more and more grime and bacteria grow, the more maintenance your pool will require. Since high pressure can damage screens, the solution is soft washing. Our low-pressure soft washing gently cleans and disinfects the enclosure without damaging the screens. And it doesn’t just wash the mold away – it kills mold at the surface. Then we pressure to clean your brick paver or concrete patio to lift dirt deep within the surface. Our eco-friendly pressure cleaning / soft washing solution is the knock-out punch for a sparkling clean screened patio and pool in Bradenton.

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Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning removes all the dirt and grime that is covering your beautiful driveway and sidewalk to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Our professional technicians will blast away any ground-in dirt, mold and oil stains without damaging the paver or concrete surface. Our eco-friendly detergents are safe for plants, vegetation, and pets. The end result is a completely clean sidewalk and driveway for your home in Bradenton, FL.
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